Escience lab 4: Compound formulas

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pre-lab Questions

1. Why is it important to be accurate in all your measurements in this experiment? 

2. List the measurements you will take in this experiment.

3. What chemical wastes are produced in this reaction?  

experiment 1: determining the chemical formula for copper gluconate

Data Sheet

Post-Lab Questions

1. What is the mass of the gluconate? Include your calculations

2. Determine the number of moles of copper in the copper gluconate using your results. 

3. What is the chemical formula of copper gluconate? Use the givens and unknowns in Table 3 and Table 4 to solve. Include your calculations. Hint: In the unknown equations (Table 4), the subscript is the number of atoms in the chemical formula and the element letters are the molecular weights.  

4. List two sources of error in the experiment and explain the impact they had on the results. 

5. Create a bar graph showing the percent composition of each element in copper gluconate. Construct your graph on a computer program such as Microsoft Excel®. If you do not have a graphing program installed on your computer, you can access one on the internet via the following links: or  

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    Escience lab 4: Compound formulas

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