Erase My Back Pain Review


The technique is based on the theory that our subjective experience of pain is not just caused by our experience of the pain sensations that a migraine brings us but it is affected by our reaction to the pain. That may seem a bit contradictory - especially if you are the one at the receiving end of the pain! But I will try and explain.This technique works by asking questions about your experience of a headache or migraine. Rather than trying to ask yourself the questions I find it is best for another person to ask you the questions, at least initially. So I have written this article from the perspective of the 'helper' who is asking the questions.It is better for someone else to ask the questions because we have a habitual response to pain and the technique is asking for you to modify a habitual response, which is generally hard to do. (if you really don't have anyone to do the technique with then try recording the questions and playing them back to yourself - but it can be done over the phone)The questions help the person get into contact with the pain sensations. (I use the word 'sensations' rather than 'pain' because 'pain' has connotations that makes people want to get away from it!]The person with the migraine should be in a comfortable position - in a chair or lying down. Explain you are going to give them some questions which will help them deal with what they are going through. The earlier on in an attack you can do the technique the better.

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