In this scenario you are working as an epidemiologist for the local health department. You received a call of a possible outbreak. You have been assigned the case. Use the attached case to complete this possible outbreak investigation.

Upload your completed Unit 5 certificates, along with the outbreak case with your answers to the Unit 6 Dropbox. Use the case document to submit BOTH the questions and the answers. Color code your answers so that they are easier to distinguish from the questions.

Certificates should be uploaded as separate attachments each one clearly labeled with your last name, the name of the unit and the training. Certificates that do not include a name or date on the certificate will receive no credit. Certificates or narratives/papers that are submitted as an addition to the original submission after grades for Unit 6 have posted will not be accepted.

  • Submit the case along with your answers to the Dropbox.
  • Submit your Unit 5 training certificates to the Unit 6 Dropbox.
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