Environmental Science


This assignment consists of two parts: you will be declaring the topic for the Final Paper (in the abstract)

and finding ONE quantitative journal article to review that is related to the topic you have chosen for the

Final Paper. Your topic must be relevant to the field of counselling psychology.

The purpose of an article review is to communicate the main points of a study and to discuss both the

implications and strengths and weaknesses of the design. The review is not meant to re-iterate the

details of the study and paraphrase each and every point; rather, it should summarize and discuss the

study. These assignments should be seen as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding

of the course concepts, particularly in the Discussion section. Quotes should be used sparingly or not at

all. The JAR you will complete for this assignment should be about 1.5 pages in length. There are no

penalties for going slightly over this limit, but the final length should be close. As a rule of thumb, aim to

write about 1/3 page for each of the five main section headings in the template (Introduction, Method,

Results, Implications, Discussion). Use quotes sparingly, if at all; they will not be counted for content or



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