Carefully read and follow the instructions below, and then choose one of the provided topics and write an original, well-developed, five-paragraph essay. Use a 3-point thesis statement positioned as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.  Review chapters in the textbook regarding effective thesis statements, titles, introductions, conclusions, formatting, etc.  Submit the essay as a file attachment by the posted due date.  Use the MLA format and submit the typed document online by or before the due date.


  1. Choose one of the topics listed below to write an essay according to the corresponding pattern.
  2. Begin the essay with an introduction before the thesis statement and utilize the textbook as a resource. 
  3. At the end of the introduction paragraph, include a thesis statement that expresses some type of attitude or opinion.
  4. Include your three supporting points within or immediately after your thesis statement.
  5. Write supporting paragraphs in the same order the points were listed in the introduction paragraph.
  6. Provide an effective conclusion and utilize the textbook as a resource.  
  7. Revise to make sure sentences make sense and sufficient details are provided; take out sentences that stray from the topic or do not make sense.
  8. Be sure the essay has a title and utilize the textbook as a resource. 
  9. Proofread carefully to catch grammar, spelling, punctuation and other errors.

Choose one of the topics below and write an original, well-developed five-paragraph essay.

Description: The holidays are a time to enjoy great times with family and friends and share wonderful memories. Describe three specific features about a favorite childhood toy.  Be sure to use vivid imagery.  (Do not write in first-person.)

Narration: We all have had frightening moments that we would rather forget. Tell about a frightening childhood experience for you. (This essay can be written in first-person. It is not necessary to have three supporting points with this pattern of writing, but the three body paragraphs should clearly detail the event.)

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