English writing/ three different assignments


Assignment 1: Document Report: Fair comparison

Read the following articles and analyze ideas through comparison and contrast, reference sources in the text and in a work cited list, and find, reference and cite a Web page article about an author, idea, or expert in one the assigned articles you analyze. 







Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

You will be annotating 3 different sources. The first one is one of the articles above. The article about Facebook and how it makes us lonely. The other two articles you can choose that are about the same subject. The subject is social media and how it has affected people.  I will include an example of an annotated bibliography and I will also include the templet you will be using while doing this assignment.  

Assignment 3: Research Paper

All the instructions for this part are attached. It has three parts to it. You will be using the book report that's also attached and the annotated bibliography to finish these three parts. The outline and templates are attached. Please follow them and fill them out and then turn them in. 

The book source you will be using is the book "Loneliness" by John T Cacioppo. 

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