English literature essay


4 pages , plus work cited. MLA format and double spaced

Four (4) Pages Minimum
100 points

Since its publication in 1966, much has been written about Joyce Carol Oates’ short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (p. 193). The author has been surprised, astonished, and shocked at some of the theories regarding what her story is about.  Indeed, in reading the critical interpretations you might think that they are writing about different stories.

Beginning on page 205, there are four (4) brief, critical interpretations of this story.  Address two (2) of these theories.  What do you think of their claims?  Are their interpretations plausible?

Craft a four (4) page essay that offers critical analysis of the two (2) theories you decide to address. Make sure you read the story closely and carefully so that you have your own opinions and thesis before you read the critical essays. All of the ideas are different and unique.  Pick the two (2) you feel would be most interesting to write about.

Give your essay an original and engaging title
Craft your essay in MLA style
Write this essay in the third person POV
Include at least two (2) citations from each critical essay
Include at least two (2) citations from the story
Avoid summarizing the story; write for an audience that has already read the story

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