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2.  Read “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara (p. 924) and thoroughly address and explain her use of point of view, as well as one (1) other element of fiction from this week’s readings (pp. 106-183). How are these elements incorporated into this story and why are they important?

* Give your essay an original and engaging title.
* Write your essay in third person POV.
* Utilize a Times 12 point font.
* Craft your essay in MLA format.
* Include an MLA works cited page. 
* Cite at least two (2) times from the story.  You may cite more.

Fiction elements covered for this unit:

Structure: pp. 112-113
Imagery and Symbolism: pp. 124-126
POV: pp. 146-148
Setting and Atmosphere: pp. 159-160
Theme: pp. 176-177

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