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Creative Nonfiction Essay: We’ll be reading a selection of essays from The Norton Reader. Many of these deal with important issues—but they do so from a personal perspective and with an attention to language and literary conventions. Inspired by one of the essays we read, you’ll write your own creative nonfiction essay. Your essay can be on any topic, but that topic must be narrowed down sufficiently for you to write a well-developed, effective essay in a limited number of pages. You don’t need a thesis statement, but your essay should have a controlling purpose. Your task, like the essayists we’ll be reading, is to turn experience (and perhaps research) into art. Be attentive to language, arrangement (the options you have for organization are many), style, and point of view. Your writing should be detailed and vivid. Include a separate paragraph explaining the elements of writing (ones we discussed in class) you used.Length: 4-6 pages.

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