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 For this assignment students will write an (1,400 – 1,500 words) argument about a stereotype (pertaining to people → individuals and/or groups) of your choosing. A stereotype represents a belief or assumed knowledge of an entire group based on an experience with or information about a member or some members of that group. This assignment requires selecting aspects of a specific stereotype to examine the effect and/or impact (intended or not) to an individual and/or group. This assignment can take a variety of different approaches. The ultimate goal of this assignment is for you to develop an argument about your chosen stereotype and to examine the effect(s) in a concise manner so that your audience understands the role the stereotype plays in our society. Do not attempt to explain why the stereotype is wrong or false, your job is to examine the effect (make a wise stereotype selection). [What - Subject] ✓ Social identities: gender, race, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, nationality, geography, ethnicity; ✓ Television character / Movie or film character ✓ Sports Figure (labels, misrepresentations, ignorance, etc.) What is the specific stereotype (Name it): _____________________________________________________________________________________ [How – How you plan to examine the stereotype in your essay] – 3-4 aspects a. _______________________________________________________________ b. _______________________________________________________________ c. _______________________________________________________________ d. _______________________________________________________________ [Why or Significance] - Effect ✓ Sports Figure (labels, misrepresentations, ignorance, etc.) ✓ Advantages / Disadvantages ✓ Negative Effects / Positive Effects (how is the individual and/or group impacted by the stereotype) ✓ Limitations ✓ Misperceptions / Biases / Influences / Results Effect (What is the specific impact of the stereotype): _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1 [Research Component] The goal of research is to assess and critique the current ideas and discussions regarding a specific subject. Simply looking for quotes that support your argument will not be enough for this essay. Each source used must be introduced so the audience knows the author’s overall argument. Students will need to read as much as possible to gain fundamental knowledge necessary to write about the chosen stereotype and its impact. Outside Research ● 5-6 outside sources (direct quotes with in-text citation, no paraphrasing) ● See the approved sources list below before making a stereotype selection to ensure research is available. ● Magazines (listed below), newspapers, and/or journal articles ● Use sources from different publications. ● Introduce, cite, and analyze all evidence included 


 ● Sources published before 2013 ● Wikipedia, Blogs, Journals, Videos, CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC,  Business Week, USA Today, Time, Forbes, Newsweek, Business Insider ● Sources with no authors (Exceptions: The Economist, Government Documents,  Organizations) 

The sources below reflect the only outside sources allowed for this assignment. Using other sources will negatively impact students final essay grade. 

Salon Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, National Review, Dissent, New York Times, Colorlines, Popular Science, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, NPR, The Guardian, Medium, Associated Press (AP), The Atlantic, The Weekly Standard, Wired, Alternet, Huffington Post, The American Conservative, Al Jazeera, The Economist, Chronicle of Higher Education, BITCH, The American Spectator, Mother Jones, BBC News, Slate, The New Yorker, The Hill, ESPN, ThinkProgress, Vox, and Bustle 2 

MLA Format for Essays: All formal papers must be submitted using the following format: 1. 1400 – 1500 words, 12 pt, Times Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins; 2. Text is left-justified and title in center-justified; 3. Heading is on the upper left-hand corner of the paper and consists of student’s name, course number and section/instructor’s name, assignment title, and due date; 4. Header is in the upper right hand corner and consists of student’s last name and the page number; 5. The first lines of paragraphs are indented 5 spaces with no extra line space between paragraphs. 6. No title page, cover page, folders, or hand-written essays. 7. Include a Works Cited page. 8. Carefully proofread you final draft and staple before submission. 9. Visit Purdue OWL MLA webpage for additional information: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ 

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