English Compostition II


 A good man is hard to find by Flannery O'Connor Literary Analysis

Note to Students about the Rough Draft Assignment:

This is your second MAJOR GRADE for this class.

Do your best work. 

  • 25 points will be deducted from the final draft grade IF all rough draft corrections are not made.
  • Essays submitted without a Works Cited page as the last page of the essay will receive grades of 0.


1. Check your essay to be sure that you have correctly used MLA Format in terms of margins, font, spacing, heading, page numbers, etc. Refer to the MLA handout in the 1st Module BEFORE you check your essay for this. 

2. Run spell check and make any necessary corrections and save your work. 

3. Print your essay.

4. Use the Editing Worksheet- Literary Analysis Essay.pdfPreview the document to carefully check your work for mistakes. EACH OF THE MISTAKES LISTED ON THIS HANDOUT WILL RESULT IN A REDUCTION OF POINTS FROM YOUR GRADE. Make any necessary corrections and save your work. 

5. Use the COMMON MISTAKES ON THE LITERARY ANALYSIS ESSAY.pdfPreview the document to do a final check of your essay. Make any necessary corrections and save your work. 

6. If you have made ANY corrections at all, then you MUST re-run spell check to be sure that no spelling mistakes have appeared in your essay. Spelling mistakes count as major errors and could result in failure of the essay. 

7. Save your Rough Draft and submit it as a .doc or .docx or PDF through the link in the Module. This will run your essay through Turn It In (to check for plagiarism) and allow me to grade your work. You may NOT turn your work in by any other means or in any other format. 

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