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Part 1 and 2 are to be on two different documents

 Part 1 this free write and outline will focus on a topic for an informative essay. Please jump ahead and review the instructions for the essay; there are only two options, a how-to essay or a profile. Your free write and outline must reflect a topic suitable for one or the other Your outline will also contain an introduction, body, and conclusion, each with topic sentences and supporting points. Here is link to a sample outline in the For your outline, please complete ALL of the following statements or questions: The audience for my paper is ___________ What I want them to do/think is _________ Which essay prompt am I focusing on? What is my topic? What is the goal of my essay? What details will I need to accomplish this goal? What issues might I encounter? What is my working title?

 Part 2 For this assignment, write an Informative Essay How-to: Write an essay explaining how to do something specialized or out of the ordinary. Make your essay interesting and engaging, and write to a specific audience that needs to know or can benefit from learning how to perform this task. (For example, everyone needs to know how to change a tire, but an essay about changing a tire will be more effective if it targets college freshmen who commute to campus.) Include several of the Eight Teaching Tips (WW, pp. 240-242) and be sure to avoid COIK (pp. 239-240). Do not refer to yourself in the essay. Additional requirements for your Informative Essay: · 500-700 words · APA Style (title page, running heads, 12-pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, etc.)

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