English Assignment

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    English Writting

    Read Chapter 2 and type 1.5-2 page acdemic summary of a key concept from Freire's. MLA format

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    Guiding Questions

    • What is curriculum?
    • What is the role of curriculum in schools or what does it aim to do?
    • Who determines what gets taught and what does not get taught? Who does …

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    300-360 journal

  • Read: Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

    Write: dialectical journal.

    Focus Question: What is the banking model of education, and how does it apply to your own experiences with education?

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    Home work

    Hello there

    I wrote an essay before and my teacher asks me to includesome of what the articles could match with my story. try to involve the articles in my story and how it effect my …

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    Hello there,

    I need to write about10 very short journey from some articles I attached.

    For less than a half page for each one.

    your effort will be appreciated.