The rubric( attached below ) covers six grading areas. Review your draft (attached below) using this grading rubric.

For each of the six grading areas, complete the following:

  1. Indicate the level – Outstanding, Competent, Adequate, Developing, or Inadequate – that applies to your draft. You might find that your score is borderline – that it meets criteria for two levels/scores. If this is the case, you can indicate more than one, but provide a clear explanation for this in step two.
  2. Referencing specific examples from your draft, provide a clear explanation for why your draft fits this category.
  3. After completing the first two steps on this worksheet, return to your draft, and devise a detailed revision plan for the areas that scored the lowest.

See Example:

IDEAS: Analytical Response to Beck's Text

Grade: Developing

Explanation: I gave my essay this score because [    ]. For this score, the rubric says [   ], and my essay [does this].


Grade: Between Adequate and Competent

Explanation: While my essay meets [these criteria] for adequate because it [does this], it also meets [these criteria] for competent [in this way].

(And so on for each category.

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