This research paper is write about AI.

an 8-10 page fully developed, researched, and polished research document on a refined topic of your choiceAdherence to MLA Style formatting and citation guidelines An introductory paragraph that includes a review of your topic, an unbiased review of various viewpoints related to your topic, and a thesis statement that (a) identifies a problem and (b) proposes a solutionFully-developed paragraphs, which include effective use of signal phrases, direct quotations, paraphrases, in-text citation styles, discussion of facts and data, and an MLA Works Cited Page which includes ten verifiable sources from a reliable database (such as the BL LMC Library research home page (https://www.bellevuecollege.edu/lmc/databaseslist/) A Bibliography which includes every source that you reviewed, regardless if you chose to provide information in your research paper final draft.

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