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 Name of the book : Frankenstine : The 1818 Text by Mary shelley

 Vol. I Chapter. 1-5; pages 4-51 

You will write an entry for each reading before class This writing will begin with a quote for the reading. Choose a line from the text that resonates with you. What does this line stand out to you? How does it make you feel? What does it make you think about? What do you think is the purpose of this line? Use this line as a starting point for reflecting on the assigned reading.

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      Frankenstine : The 1818 Text by Mary shelley

      1) 1 Quote (Vol I. Ch. 6—end of Volume I & Vol II. 1-5)

      2) 1 Quote (Volume III Ch. 6—end of book.)

      1 page for each Quote

      This …