ENG242_190 Short story interpretation Discussion boards


Discussion Board 4.1

With our discussion of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” we will consider a number of minor topics, as well as the notions of irony and symbolism. 

Initial Post Instructions
First, let’s be honest, did you see the ending coming? When you look back over the story, are there specific moments where Shirley Jackson clues us into what the lottery may actually be or does it come out of nowhere? 

Is the lottery a symbolic event? If so, what does such a horrific public act symbolize?

Is the lottery an ironic event? If so, how does Jackson construct a short story where such a shocking ending suits the tale?

Discussion Board 4.2

Arnold Friend is a highly interesting villain, covered with makeup, hair dye, making references to recently out of date songs. At first, Connie finds him alluring and likes his look. Later, she keeps her distance until she is absolutely terrified. Arnold Friend may be a bit of a modern day “Big Bad Wolf.” 

Initial Post Instructions
Analyze Arnold Friend and apply theories presented in the lecture and Foster’s chapter about symbols. What, if anything, does Arnold Friend symbolize?

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