n this unit, we have discussed both the introduction and the literature review. Throughout the process of writing both of these sections, you have no doubt gained a better understanding of the controversy that you are exploring with your paper. You probably have a better sense of your argument and what you would like your points to be for your body paragraphs. Consider what you have experienced over the last few units. We are at the halfway point in the course, so think about how far you have come.  
For this discussion, respond to each of these points. 1.) Introduce your classmates to the topic and the controversy within it.  2.) Present them with your thesis statement. 3.) What are two supporting (pro) points and what are two opposing (con ) points of the controversy/thesis? 4.) How do you feel about your thesis statement and these first parts of the paper so far?  

Part two - Your response to another student is designed to help that student, so comment on his/her answers paying special attention to the thesis and the main points on both sides of the controversy. 

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