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 Discussion Board # 1 - Each thread is to be 250–300 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. 

Answer Question: Because technical communication is for your job and not for school, is it easier to write than academic writing? 

Response #1 -  Each reply must be 250–300 words. 

Christy Adams Discussion Board Forum 1:
I feel that technical writing is easier than academic writing because the author of the document, memo, etc. would be writing about a subject on which they'd spent time each day. It would most likely pertain to something, like a project, that one would have extensive knowledge of already and would know what is needed in the document that would convey what they needed to convey to get to the reader.

If its a grant, for example, then the writer would know what money was needed to fund the project. If it was for some type of disciplinary action, then most likely it would be the manager who was taking the appropriate steps toward improving the employee and so on.

When writing for academic purposes, the writer wants to please the teacher, or professor by including all of the correct information that was asked for, writing in the correct format, citing, and references, all while speaking about a topic that was chosen by someone else. One hopes to get it all right by technically putting all of those things in the paper, but the student can never be sure that it's exactly what the teacher is looking for until it has been graded.

So, for me, it's much harder to please a teacher with trying to figure out what they are looking for in a paper than with typing a technical paper for your office.

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