Type all activities on one document. Name that document, “Unit Four Activities.” Label each activity by number, and do not submit until all items have been completed. All videos and readings necessary for completion of the following activities are located either in “Unit Four to Read” or “Unit Four to View.” 

Text Box: 1Text Box: 1.Text Box: 1Activity One: View the video on Google Drive to learn about this valuable word processing program. Open and read the additional information on how to access and use Google Drive found at the url.htm link found in “Unit Four to Read.” As a student at Reynolds, you already have an existing account at Google Drive which you can access by simply opening your Gmail account. After you open your account just click on the apps box and select Docs to create a word document that will automatically save to the “Cloud”. When you use Google Drive, which is also called Google Docs, to create your essays, you will never lose a document, and you will be able to share that document with others including your professor.

Try it out! When you have selected, “Docs,” click on a blank document and format a page using the requirements for MLA formatting of an academic document as they are shown in the poster, “HOW DO I FORMAT MY ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS USING MLA FORMATTING?” (Found in Unit Four to Read) Then, write a brief paragraph describing your reaction to Google Drive. Share the document you have created with your professor at [email protected]  by selecting, “Share.”  Let the professor know if you have any difficulties or questions. 

Work Time Required: About 30-45 minutes.

Text Box: 2Activity Two: Read about the stages of the writing process:   (Found in Unit Four to Read) and view the video, “The Writing Process” (Found in Unit Four to View) Copy and paste the bulleted steps for each of the three process stages found in the reading selection onto  your activities document and then place a plus sign beside those process steps that you have used. Place a minus sign beside those that you have not. Do you usually skip any of the three stages when you are writing your ENG. 111 essays? If so, write a statement saying which one and explain why you do not use that stage of writing. If not, write a statement describing when and how you have used any of the three stages.  

Example:  Stage 1:  Prewriting consists of:

§ generating ideas, including reading and research +

§ establishing purpose

§ identifying audience

§ ordering ideas





Text Box: Activity Three:    You have practiced writing simple and compound sentence patterns.  Practice these patterns again using your sentence pattern chart (Found in Unit Three to Read) to help you.   Write three sentences for each of the nine patterns you have already practiced.  A list of those patterns is on the chart.  Change your topic for each type of sentence pattern.  Example:  If your topic for simple sentences is “College”, then you must change it to another topic for your practice of the compound sentence patterns.  You will create a total of twenty-seven sentences. Example: Simple Sentence Practice (Topic = College)                   S + V + CT = Mark attends college.  Example:  Compound Sentence Practice (Topic = Work)                     IC, FANBOYS IC. = Thomas works, but Joe is too lazy to work.Text Box: 3 


Work Time Required: About 25 - 35 minutes.


Text Box: 4Text Box: 4Activity Four: Open the link for Reading Workout Challenge 5, ENF 3 READING WORKOUT CHALLENGE 5 The Varying Ethics of Plagiarism.docx  (Live links located in “To Read” and “To Do.”  Follow the directions to read and respond in writing. Hint! If you copy and paste the workout pages into your saved activities document, you will be able to type your answers directly onto the pages. 

Work Time Required: About 30-45 minutes

Text Box: 5Text Box: 5 

Activity Five: The Dirty Dozen is a term used by Methodist University to describe the twelve most common types of errors made by writers. Open and study the poster, “The Dirty Dozen” (Found in Unit Four to Read) and then copy and paste the list of these commonly-made errors from the poster into your activities document. Highlight all error-types that you know are a problem for you.  Then, open the following site: (Found in Unit Four to View) and watch any or all of the videos found there. You may need to copy and paste the links into the Google search bar in order to enter the Methodist University site and view the videos. View at least two videos and write a brief summary of each video you watch. 

Work Time Required: About 45 minutes 

Example: I watched the video on sentence fragments and it helped me understand exactly what a sentence fragment is. It also reviewed much of the information I have already studied for subjects, verbs, clauses, phrases, sentences, etc.…

Work Time Required: About 45 minutes 


Text Box: 6Activity Six: Open and study the handout for the five-paragraph essay outline format. Examine any one of the essays you have written for ENG. 111, and compare the format of your essay to the one shown in the handout. Does your essay contain all the parts shown in the handout for each paragraph of the essay? Copy your essay and mark each of the items listed on the outline. 

Example for Introductory Paragraph: (Hook) I was lost, and I had exactly five minutes to make it to my class. (Background Information) It was my first day at Reynolds Community College, and I did not want to start my college career by being late, but I had no idea what the number of my classroom was. (Thesis statement) I realized that my procrastination, late night social media usage and my lack of organizational skills were finally going to catch up with me. 

Note: Your essay may contain more than five paragraphs.  

  Work Time Required: About 40 minutes     


Text Box: 7Activity Seven:   “Unit Four to Read”  contains links to two helpful sites where you can learn more about revising  the rough draft of your essays. Open and read the information provided at each site and then compare or contrast the two sites for how useful they are based on the following criteria: Helpful content, readability, (How easy or hard is the content to understand) and application to your “111” assignments. 

Work Time Required: About 30 minutes  




Activity Eight:  Watch the first video on plagiarism and make a list of ways the film suggests you can avoid plagiarizing. Agree or disagree with the following statement: Plagiarism is the theft of the words or ideas of others. Support your response with at least three reasons why your statement should be considered correct.       

 Work Time Required: About 10-25minutes

Text Box: 9Activity Nine: Watch the second video on plagiarism presented by Murdoch University in Dubai. ..Compare the two videos and briefly comment on which of the videos you believe is the most effective as a tool used to convince students  to avoid plagiarizing.  

Work Time Required: About 10-20 minutes



Activity Ten: Complete the “WriteCheck” quiz. Copy and paste your score and rank and submit it for credit. 

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