Note: Compared with previous quizzes, this quiz might take more time to complete.

Read Page 45 to Page 82 of Climate Change as a Political Process : The Rise and Fall of the Kyoto Protocol (Links to an external site.), Eija-Riitta Anneli Korhola, E-thesis. (Once on the web page, click the "Download File" link to get the entire paper.)

Task 1: What are the key achievements of the conferences? Select 6 of the conferences, and compile a list of achievements for each of them. ( 2 pt)

Task 2: What are the factors that prevented the 6 conferences you chose for Task 1 from achieving more objectives? Use information from reading to describe how these factors affected conference outcomes. (3 pts)

Task 3: Describe (300 - 400 words) the overall outcomes of the UN Climate Conferences. (3 pts)

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