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Part 2: After reading the introduction in the textbook, define in your own words what it means to “become rhetorical.”

Part 3: Identify three rhetorical messages you’ve received today. They don’t have to be verbal messages (in fact, it’s better if they’re not); they can be visual, auditory, or material messages as well. For each, jot down some thoughts about the following;

  1. Whom they aim to persuade and what kinds of messages they send?
  2. What effects do they aim to have on their audience?
  3. What messages might be more hidden or less obvious?

In your responses, comment on each other’s definitions of “becoming rhetorical.” Do the definitions seem complete? Is there anything you would add? Also, comment on the rhetorical messages your classmates have identified, looking for a richer, more nuanced picture of the rhetorical environment. Which of the examples provided by your classmates was most surprising to you as an example of rhetoric

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