Elicitation Plan



Prepare a Requirements Elicitation plan (use a template or prepare your own). Explain what you have included and why. Based on your industry knowledge and publically available information, prepare a “completed” version of the requirements elicitation.  Include a discussion of why you selected identified these requirements.

  • ASPE Training. (2016). Business analysis planning template set. Retrieved from http://www.aspe-sdlc.com/offers/business-analysis-planning-template-set.xlsx [Excel]
  • Corporate Education Group. (2019). Business analysis, tools, templates, and checklists. Retrieved from http://www.corpedgroup.com/resources/ba-tools.asp

A complete analysis includes both a plan and a “completed” dataset, as well as a discussion on why items are important and the reasoning for the “completed” responses.

Include all references used in APA format in 3 pages.

Extra resources:

  • Brandenberg, L. (2012). 3 steps to preparing for an elicitation session. Retrieved from https://www.bridging-the-gap.com/preparing-elicitation-session
  • International Institute of Business Analysis. (2006). A guide to the business analysis body of knowledge. Retrieved from http://it.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/ITnvgov/Content/Sections/IT-Investments/Lifecycle/BABOKV1_6.pdf
    • Read Chapter 4
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