Elements And Principles



Essay  minimum of 200 words

1. Place captions under each image (artist name, title of art, year, created and the  style of art)

2.  Place in a list   at-least 5  characteristics of each  style/ism below: and compare and contrast the pair 

a.. Renaissance Southern Europe  and. Renaissance Northern Europe

  c. Neo-classicism; and  Surrealism 

3. Discuss in detail  where how those  characteristics are achieved  in the work of art. Example if the style is know for realism type detail explain where the details are (the  painting may show dirt under a finger nail that is detail and that may be a characteristic explicit detail).

4. Discuss in detail how Emphasis, Unity,  Balance and Proportion and Line  is created. What are the techniques used by the  artist to achieve  each? (discuss this  as you explain the characteristics in the art work (Example, all eyes are looking down at the crown, the main emphasis, with its detail sparkling jewels and exquisite serpentine gold designs. Dark values surround the bright crown placing  additional  focus on the crown. a bright light that seems to come  from the heavens hovers above the crown bringing attention to the  crown).

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