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NAME:__________________________     FOOD:_____________________

This paper should explore more than a 500 year journey of the former Spanish Empire in search of new possibilities to enhance their traditional flavors, the food revolution that began when Christopher Columbus stumbled across America in 1492.  At that time the Italians had no pasta with tomato sauce, the Chinese had no spicy Szechuan cuisine, and the Aztecs of Mexico were eating tacos filled with live insects instead of beef.  You may explain how now all of us, Europeans, Americans, Africans, and Asians came to eat what we eat today.  Your paper may describe the beginning development and current use of the food given to you by your professor.

  1. Origin and development
  2. Historic background
  3. Facts and findings about that food
  4. Nutritional and medicinal value
  5. Current use
  6. Resources (3) minimum

The papers are to be typed, double spaced, two pages minimum, (graphics/ pictures may be added.  (3)  Resources to include books, journals and only two online information sites.  Do not exceed the size font of 12 Times New Roman. 

Foods to research: La guayava - guava

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