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                                   EDUCATION ASSIGNMENT

This is based on my previous comment from Unit 1.

Unit 1"What I have learned" Comment

"Different students have different ways of learning or understanding content, just as different teachers uses different styles of teaching. There is not one particular teaching style that could be preferred for all students. This is because students or learners understand content in different ways and at a different pace. Teachers should focus to ensure that their teaching methods are good to assist students get what they are intended to. It makes no sense to just concentrate on a single teaching style due to the fact that it has been proven to work best for a large group of people examined, yet the same method does not suit your learners. Teachers should understand the needs of students before settling on a certain mode of teaching. This is because the same method used to teach normal students cannot be applied to children with special needs. This is the key towards developing rational teaching methods."

Watch: "How To Be An Effective Teacher On The First Days Of School Part 1 - SIMPLE secrets!!"

Please answer this according to what you think and what you have learned in Unit 1 Comment. Review the video a second time and in an essay format tell me what you learned. Compare my unit 1 comment to the video.


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