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                                                    EDUCATION ASSIGNMENT

 *There are two parts (Part A, Part B) to this assignment that must be uploaded separately

Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER CAREFULLY!!!!


Read "The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher" by Harry & Rosemary Wong's (LINK BELOW) , and answer the following questions: 

• Part A -- In a reaction paper, discuss what the Wong’s call an Effective Teacher. Support your reaction with findings from the book. Do not just paraphrase the tree attributes of an effective teacher, but please delve further into each of these areas and explain your response. 2 PAGES

• Part B -- Have you ever had an effective teacher that has stood out in your school career? Write about: “What characteristics made that individual teacher an Effective Teacher?” Base your answer on what you learned from reading the Wong book. 2 PAGES

"First Days of School  by Harry & Rosemary Wong's "

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