How much does a championship earn an organization? One of the talking points about the Patriots and Warriors in recent years in particular is that thanks to their recent success they are “printing money”. Is that true across all four major North American sports? As we saw from the examples from the books, maximizing wins doesn’t necessarily maximize profit. Take 1 championship season from each of the four major North American sports and find the total team profit for the teams’ championship seasons and compare it to the total profit of the next year’s season including postseason profits. Do not choose any champion later than the 2016-2017 season champions (2017 for MLB.) Also find which team during the season was the most profitable and compare that to the champions’ profits. If the champion was the most profitable, by how much? For example, the Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series, compare their 2017 profits to their 2018 profits and compare their 2017 profits to the most profitable team of 2017 in the MLB. Chapter 3 will be very helpful for this topic. Note, teams don’t readily release their total profits so what you can do is just take the teams’ total revenue and just subtract their payrolls. You can find data on Forbes, Sports-Reference, and Spotrac. MLA form ,just write the introduction and conclution 

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