Easy Power point computer instructions



  1. Download the attached data file Customer.pptx then, save it as CustomerPresentation. Make sure you know the location where you are placing your saved file before you continue with step 2.
  2. In the title slide, add OfficePro as the title, press the Enter key, and then type Cleaning Specialists. The title text AutoFit to the title text box. Add your name as the subtitle.
  3. Delete slide 3 (“Our Cleaning Staff”).
  4. Move Slide 6 (“Weekly Services”) so it becomes slide 3.
  5. On Slide 3 (“Weekly Services”), at the end of the bulleted list, add Stair and elevator cleaning as a new first-level bulleted item.
  6. On slide 3, add Remember to pause for questions from the audience, as the speaker note.
  7. On slide 2, (“Daily Services”), at the end of the bulleted list, add Restroom cleaning and disinfecting as a new first-level bulleted item.
  8. On Slide 4, (“Specialized Services”), move the “Pressure washing” and “Carpet cleaning” bulleted items so that they appear below “Stripping and refinishing” and above “Air condition vent cleaning.”
  9. On Slide 2 (“Daily Services”), in the second first-level bulleted item, make the word Sinks a new first-level bullet.
  10. On Slide 2 (“Daily Services”), demote the bulleted item “Sinks” and “Toasters” to second-level bullets so that four second-level bulleted items now appear under “Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including.”
  11. Animate the slide titles for all the slides with the Darken animation in the Emphasis category. (If you do not have Darken animation, please feel free to use other that you like).
  12. Animate all of the bulleted lists with the Shape animation in the Entrance category using progressive disclosure for all bullet levels. Do not animate the text in the content text box on Slide 6 (“For More Information”). (If you do not have Shape animation, please feel free to use other that you like).
  13. On Slide 6 (“For More Information”), animate the content text box using the Fly In animation in the Entrance Category. (If you do not have Fly In, please feel free to use other that you like).
  14. Add the Push transition to all of the slides, and then remove it from the title slide. (If you do not have Push transition, please feel free to use other that you like).
  15. Display the footer text Presentation for New Clients as well the slide number and the current date on all of the slides except the title slide.
  16. Check the spelling throughout the presentation. Change misspelled words to the correct spelling.
  17. View the slide show. If you see any errors, press the Esc key to the end the slide show, correct the error, and then start the slide show again from the current slide. Save your changes. Close the presentation. Submit your presentation.
  • In case you need help with any step, contact me immediately. Please do not procrastinate because we will need to move on to the next class Unit at the scheduled time.
  • This assignment is due on Sunday, September 13th at midnight; please remember that 10 points per day will be deducted for late submissions regardless of the reason for that and after three days this assignment will no longer be accepted.
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