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Build a communication profile of an organisation through an analysis of its inherent leadership and management structures in partnership with its demonstrated communication styles and outcomes.

You may assume that you are a new manager and have been asked to address communication issues in the organisation. You have decided that Step One of addressing any issues is to develop a profile document as a snapshot of leadership and management styles and how that is reflected in current communication practice within the organisation.

The brief requires you to apply some of the principles and theory we have been looking at in weeks 1 – 7 of the Unit.

Describe how some of these principles and theories are being practiced and how that is being communicated to the workforce.

Some suggested principles and theories could include:

  • Dominant management structures - mechanistic or organic or a hybrid?
  • Dominant management styles – classical or humanist?
  • Communication styles – top down Or vertical, horizontal and lateral?
  • Organisational responses to ethical issues and social responsibility?
  • Behavioural traits displayed by management or inherent in the workplace
  • Organisational responses to innovation?
  • Organisational positioning as a learning organisation?
  • Organisational understanding of sustainable development.

Select an organisation that you are familiar with or have thoroughly investigated (minimum of twenty staff). This might be an organisation where you have worked. However, this organisation must be sufficiently complex to sustain a detailed structural and communication analysis.

When approaching your analysis of this organisation you should consider all of the elements listed above, but some aspects will be more foundational to the profile you produce. You must include an informed discussion of the organisation’s communication practice.

However, focus only on those elements that are most appropriate to the development of a communication strategy to improve staff morale.

At least six scholarly sources must be submitted. Referencing should be in either the Harvard or APA referencing system.
There is an excellent guide to referencing styles available through the Griffith University library website.
Further guidelines and Criteria Sheet are available through the unit website.

Essays should be double spaced (or at least 1.5 minimum using 12pt Times or the equivalent (eg. 11pt Arial) and presented as doc or docx files.
Always attach a completed Assignment Cover Sheet, available through the Assessment information on the course website.

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