earth science....... please read..... due in 17 hours......


this is due in 17 hours.... must have done in 17 hours..... 

no late work please must have done on time....... 

This is based on earth science/weather climate..... 

Do the following: 

 The final assignment for module 13 is to develop a mind-map or concept map on natural drivers of climate. Your central topic is natural drives of climate and your 3 main branches of information should be 1) solar cycles,  2) Earth’s orbital changes, and 3) geological phenomena. Please add details, examples, and facts to support these 3 main themes. Also, focus on organizing your information in a way that makes connections between ideas.  This assignment addresses objectives below:

 Label the parts of the climate system.

Identify some of the ways climate changes by natural drivers.

Predict how solar cycles and orbital changes of Earth will affect climate.

Explain how geologic contributions affect climate.  


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