Due Wednesday


Please visit the sites of the key advocacy organizations. Review the key advocacy campaigns that each are involved in at this time.

After reviewing all of them, identify one advocacy effort that you feel is the most compelling.

In your post, please discuss the following:

  1. In detail, the advocacy issue that is the focus of the effort you chose.
  2. The strategies the organization used to build support for their cause.
  3. The reason you were moved to choose the effort.
    • Posts should be 4-5 complete paragraphs.
    • Please provide thoughtful comments to two (2) of your peers' posts.  Simply stating "I (dis)agree" or "great post" will not earn full credit.  

Initial responses will be due Wednesday at 11:59pm, please reply to two of your peers by Sunday at 11:59pm.

This discussion is worth 75 points. **15 points will be deducted for students who post a blank or false entry first in order to read other students responses before they post their actual entry after.

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