due tomorrow...... read 2 articles..... answer 3 questions


this is due tomorrow.....  no late work please........ 

read the 2 attachments 

 After reading the articles, answer the following questions in complete sentences. You must write a minimum of 5-6 sentences for each question. Responses must be written meaningfully in your own words: 

1. According to Odem-Young's (2019) article, what are the long-term ramifications of food insecurity on society as a whole? And how does structural racism play a role in perpetuating the disparities in food security among people of color and their more privileged counterparts? 

2. Roncarolo and Potvin (2016) write their article from a medical perspective in their discussion about food insecurity as a symptom of a bigger societal issue. They propose that food banks are a short-term solution that fails to directly address the root causes of food insecurity. Explain the idea that food insecurity is a symptom of a "social disease". What social disease are the authors referring to?  What solutions do the authors propose that may lead to long-lasting change to help food insecure individuals be more self-sustaining and self-sufficient?

 3. Lastly, list six (6) reasons why access to healthy food supports learning, growth and development in the young child. You may pull this information from your course text.

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