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this assignment related to social work course

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General information:

The purpose of this discussion is for you to assess the intersection of how your client’s culture, civil rights, Socioeconomic Status influence their case. Additionally, you will learn how to reflect on your own values, opinions, and perspectives and how it can impact their client’s case. You will do this by reading the case study and providing thoughtful response that includes critical thinking. You will be expected to apply course concepts to your client’s case.

First Read the Harjo Case Study. Harjo Case Study ( attach file #1) Also read through the supplemental information on the city of Globe. Harjo Case Study-Globe Supplemental Information ( attach file #2). Then address the following questions in your response:

  1. 1- Discuss one aspect of your client’s culture that you think has had an impact on your case. What made you select this particular aspect? How is this a strength for the client?
  2. 2- Do you think that poverty is a presenting concern for your client? What makes you think this?
  3. 3- In what ways would a social worker be able to advocate for your client’s civil rights/social justice? How would that help your client?
  4. 4- What is one question that you have about your case study/client and its relation to this week’s module material? this week about child welfare
  5. 5- What similarities and difference do you see between yourself and the case study client? Why might it be important to be aware of our similarities and differences in social work? How does your own life experience shape your opinion about this case?

Posts should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words. 

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