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Please follow the directions of the assignment, and only write what is relevant to the project. Also, please make sure your writing makes sense, it was hard to follow some of the student's assignment. I will deduct points.

For this assignment you want to  reread the client case study presented on the Course  Project Introduction page located in Module  01. (A sample of the how to create a case note, about the Norris Family, and the treatment plan has been included, please be free to edit if needed.)

This week for your course project,  you will submit case notes from at least three "appointments" with  Denise Norris. Since this is a  hypothetical case study, you may take the liberty of creating the details of  these appointments. Refer back to the needs assessment you completed in  your intake and the treatment plan/goals you created. The case notes should be  aligned with the content of those sections and be a minimum of one page per  appointment. 

Click here to review the Creating Case Notes in Human Services  PowerPoint that will provide a guide to the purpose and details of case notes. 

As you are formulating your case  notes, consider asking yourself the following questions as a way to plan:

  • What details would need to be discussed at the first follow-up appointment after completing the intake? What areas were agreed  upon with Denise Norris in terms of each child as well as herself?
  • The second and future appointments should logically follow-up on what was discussed at the previous one. What has been completed and what still needs attention? Are there any new issues or complications that might influence progress?
  • As the appointments continue, the professional will build a helping relationship with Denise Norris that should be objectively documented in the case notes. 
  • Each appointment should include recommendations for future progress and planned meeting times.

Remember the content of the case notes and direction of Denise Norris's  case management is up to you and can be fabricated as you see fit. Keep in mind  the logical progression of the client and the reality of the needs being  addressed.

Please note that Human Services  organizations typically have their own forms related to how case notes should  be organized. For the purpose of this project, the format is not as significant  as the information contained in the case notes. 

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