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For your Main Post, you want to choose a single character and choose an important scene in which they appear. Then go online and find pictures of the following things:

  • A costume (something they are wearing in the scene)
  • A prop (something they either use or carry)
  • Makeup and hair (this can come in the form of pictures of wigs, pictures of actors or actresses, characters, etc., who capture the look and aesthetic you want for your character)

Next, explain what each of your styling choices conveys about the character. What parts of their personality does each convey? Do they foreshadow anything about the conflict or the character’s role in the story? How do you want your audience to feel about the character and how have your styling choices contributed to this?

All these pictures should be uploaded with your post.

Peer Response Post:

For your peer response post, analyze the choices your peer has made. What do they tell you about the character? What do they symbolize and convey to you, irrespective of what your peer has written? What are your spontaneous responses to them? How would you edit your peer’s choices to help better convey what they wanted to convey?

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