Dr. DoGood's Proposal



Write a 1 page paper that analyzes the following case. First describe  the case. Then, support with details what you see is the compliance  problem with Dr. DoGood's proposal to recruit customers for his new  practice. Be sure to use standard mechanics in your writing, spelling,  grammar, and punctuation.  


Is Dr. DoGood Doing Well?

Dr.  DoGood is a physician on the Gulf Coast trying to establish his  practice. His  idea is to give $3.00 to FEMA housing inspectors for each  person’s name and  address that they are able to provide him. Then he  will prepare a letter to  each person, offering his physician services.  If that person comes into his  office for a service, he will give an  additional 5% of the Medicare-billable  amount to the FEMA inspector  making the referral. What problems do you see with  Dr. DoGood's  proposal? Be sure to discuss issues of regulation and compliance.

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