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How do you believe religion and morality are related? Evaluate a moral decision that you or someone close to you recently made that was influenced by a religious belief.

replay 1 : I believe that morality is a huge part of religion, but being moral doesn’t require being part of a religion. According to the text, “every world religion has provided its adherents with a framework for morality” (MindEdge, 2013). All major religions have a moral code such as the Ten Commandments for Christians and Jews and the Five Precepts for Buddhists. There are also some universal morals that most live by whether they are religious or not. Most people agree on morals regarding murder and certain sexual behavior. 

I was having a discussion with few close friends recently, and one admitted that she was a single issue voter. Nothing mattered accept the candidate’s stance on abortion because she is a devout Christian. To her, it is a moral decision. 

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replay 2 : I believe religion and morality goes hand in hand, due to the fact that religions provide a person with a compass of moral beliefs that we deemed to be "good". In a monotheistic religion like Christianity, we believe God to be an omnipotent and all good, so by following God's teachings, we would be promised what the religion entails, whether eternal happiness or nirvana. Being a person of Christian faith, I believe the saying, "treat others how you would like to be treated." Most people like to be treated fair, so I decided to live by this code. I always give change to homeless people in the street. I always donate my clothes to charity. This can also be related to the term, "Love thy neighbor like thyself."-Matt.22 verses 34 to 40. 

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