1. Think: Closely read and annotate the article. (Hint: You can use the Highlights and Notes tool on the right side of the reading panel to annotate online.) What information seems most significant? Why? What is the author’s main idea? What is the author’s purpose? What details are important? Do any words or phrases stand out? Why? What do you still want to know? What questions do you have as you read?
  2. Write: In your discussion response, write a short summary (5-7 sentences) of the most important points of information in the article. Then, write a short response (5-7 sentences) to the article, discussing the significance of those main points. Remember that a summary should be comprised of only your own words. Create a Works Cited entry, formatted in MLA Style, for the article you chose. Conclude your post with any questions you have about searching the databases or choosing articles.

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