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Choosing a target market for a new business is extremely important, because trying to cater one’s business to every person’s needs will eventually lead to failure (Heibutzki, n.d.).  Additionally, knowing and understanding the target market will aid in decision making that will benefit the business long-term (Scarborough & Cornwall, 2019).  Cece’s PB & J Café’s market segmentation would be focusing on the local residents of north Apollo Beach, which include communities alongside N U.S. Hwy 41, but primarily in the emerging neighborhood of Waterset.  The existing residents in this area have mostly suburban working families with some retirees living throughout the community.

            Many of the community residents are working adults between the ages 25 to 54, which make up a combined 39.4% of the Apollo Beach population.  With one private and five public schools in the area, over 33% of families in the Apollo Beach area have children living in the household under 18 years of age.  Cece’s PB & J Café’s target market will be Waterset community residents, local working adults between ages 25 to 54, and families that live in the local area with children under 18 years of age.  This target market captures the working adult that is looking for an alternative option to fast food on their busy day, with the addition of providing delicious food to residents in the local community and their families.

            Cece’s PB & J Café will be able to offer consumers a fresh take on a sandwich that many have grown up with and continue to enjoy.  Additionally, select coffee favorites, including freshly brewed coffee of the day will be available from open to close.  The goal of Cece’s PB & J Café will be to fuel and caffeinate its target market from morning to afternoon.  Non-coffee drinkers and children can still enjoy select juice, water, or various milk (chocolate, strawberry, regular) beverage options.  The target market will benefit from the convenience of our food truck location, and the creativity of our menu to bring delicious breakfast and lunch combinations that will make Cece’s PB & J Café standout among its competitors.


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