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My company’s target market will be hoping to capture our target market through our support services, which will include training, installation services, upgrade offers, as the company seeks to pursue new opportunities in our market. Our local market focus will consist of small businesses and home offices. The majority of computer retailers like computer dealers, mail order and chain stores and computer stores do provide customization and services that our target market like subject matter expert (SME)s need. The company is going to take advantage of these to differentiate our services to meet these customer needs. The majority of small businesses rely on vendors who visit their shops to buy such products like copy machine vendors. The company will be required to aggressively compete against the idea that clients should only buy computers and not require service, support and training (Gabler & Vlachos, 2017). Clients, especially from our targeted home office markets, will not only think about price but also service quality that goes with it. Many will pay even more for a long-term relationship, quality service and support provision. The company will be aiming to use different ways of reaching our buyers through advertising by using services such as radios, cable TV, and newspapers. 

The company's marketing strategy is an integral part of having a successful marketing strategy. Our primary focus will be on building on our business relationship, service and support, emphasize, and mainly focusing on small-medium business and home office as our primary target markets (Watson & Cunningham, 2018). Our promotion strategy will be essential to reach many clients, as well. Advertising will be one of our main promotion strategies through newspapers, cable TVs, and radios. The company will also be planning to have a community event and roadshows to raise our visibility with our target customers. Our initial focus will be on our local market, and later, we will move beyond this point during our first year in business. We are also aiming to sponsor sporting events and competitions to increase our visibility. We will be co-sponsoring these events with other local businesses in the area. We will also be able to distribute things like stickers, t-shirts, and caps with company's name branded in them.


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Watson, K., McGowan, P., & Cunningham, J. A. (2018). An exploration of the Business Plan Competition as a methodology for effective nascent entrepreneurial learning. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.

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