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According to David and David (2017), EFE matrices evaluate several external factors that could affect a company. These factors can be broken into different categories, such as social, economic, and governmental. On the other hand, CPM matrices draw comparisons of varying factors solely with the company’s top competitors.  Two factors I thought the company was responding very well were its social responsibility and being able to offer healthier options.  With the many acquisitions, the firm has done, including such companies as Brookside, it has become apparent the company is trying to increase its share and presence into the health-conscience market (David and David, 2017).  The health and wellness food market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.7% and will see a market size of over $1.2 trillion by the year 2024 (Francis, 2019).  The company is also increasing the percentage of certified cocoa in its products and replacing its high-fructose food items, which both helps the company build upon its excellent social responsibility image.  Since its larger rival Nestle is a company that is more than ten times bigger than Hershey, it’s a great feat that Hershey is still able to dominate the market share in the United States. It says something about the way the company has been able to capitalize on both its brand and image. 

One threat I felt the company needed to be very mindful of and plan for its volatile commodity costs from things such as sugar and dairy.  Many factors can go into wild price swings such as war, extreme weather, or government instability.  It would be vital for the company always to have back-up suppliers.  Another threat I felt the company needed to be aware of is the increase in health-minded people; this threat was also listed differently under opportunities.  Just as it would be vital for the company to appeal to this market, it would also still be a challenge for the company, which is most famous for candy and chocolate to change the minds or the perception of the brand to specific segments of the population. 


David, F., & David, F., (2017). Strategic management concepts and cases: A competitive advantage approach (16th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

Francis, C. (2019, September 6). Health and Wellness Food market is expected to see growth rate of 5.7% and may see market size of USD1253 Billion by 2024. Retrieved March 19, 2020, from https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/health-and-wellness-food-market-is-expected-to-see-growth-rate-of-57-and-may-see-market-size-of-usd1253-billion-by-2024-2019-09-06

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