ALL QUESTIONS ARE APA-FORMAT with three APA references


 Discuss the difference between anthropogenic and natural causes attributed to climate change. Discuss whether or not you classify climate change as the major environmental health challenge of the 21st century. Explain your reasoning and provide evidence to support your claim 


How are global weather patterns affected by climate change? Discuss one other consequences of climate change. Describe at least one current environmental health problem that will likely be exacerbated by climate change. What types of policymakers should be involved, and at what levels (local, regional, international), to consider the issue and provide intervention strategies?


 What are two causes of indoor air pollutants? Evaluate the correlation between health and indoor air pollutants. Why is outdoor air quality regulated more effectively than indoor air quality? 



Discuss the main causes of ambient air pollution and the influence that urbanization has on ambient air quality and health. What actions can be taken to reduce air pollution emissions?  Consider possibilities at the individual, community, national, and international levels. How can air quality be monitored and improved as a global initiative?



What is the relationship between population growth, pollution, and water scarcity in developing countries? How do these factors impact population health? Be specific and provide examples.  Provide examples of international efforts that are aimed at reducing the negative impact from these consequences.



What impact do urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural practices have on land and water quality? Provide examples of infrastructure, technology, or other alternative practices for each that have been developed to promote human and environmental health.



What is the built environment? Discuss the characteristics of a good community design that successfully promotes environmental health. Include in your discussion transportation options, environmental pollution sources, and exposure. How is social justice achieved in community planning?


What are the processes and models used to build equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities? Provide examples of the principles and strategies of environmental stewardship used in community engagement to build sustainable communities. What are the challenges and benefits of community engagement?

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