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When work, school, and home requirements start piling up, how do you choose what to prioritize first?

Choose one of the following scenarios below where you’re being pulled in two different directions. For that scenario, explain how you would prioritize your time.

  1. Your company has just relocated you, and you have two weeks until the end of the term. How do you get established in your new location and finish the term?
  2. You have a large exam coming up, and your best friend decides to throw the party to end all parties! You know that you can go, but you need to manage time well through the week. What can you use to help?
  3. You have a mid-term assignment in your course coming up, and your young child wants their Science Fair entry to win at school next week. How do you proceed?
  4. You found a small magic ring that could lead to the doom of the world. You must go on a large journey to destroy it, but you need to be home for dinner by 5 p.m. What technology could help you?
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