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Wit play by Margaret Edison:

Because its central figure is a female professor, Wit highlights the role of women in education as well as the nature of female intellectualism. But this representation does not unproblematically celebrate women’s achievements: Vivian Bearing’s professional success appears to have come at the cost of personal relationships, be they familial, friendly, collegial, or sexual. Still,  the character is an uncompromising intel­lect who takes great pleasure in her mind and the challenges presented by difficult mental work of all kinds—literary, linguistic, or scientific. 

In your initial post, answer the following questions: How does the play portray female intellect?  (Consider, as well, the other female characters in the play as you form  your response.) Is Vivian’s intellectualism conveyed as empowering or destabilizing her character? What role does her cancer play in this portrayal?

 250-350 words,  MLA parenthetical citations 

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