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1. Choose ONE of the topics below. In 500 words or less, develop a structured and engaging initial post that covers all After reading the chapter 11 topic Air Masses of North America and Focus Topic Lake Effect (Enhanced) Snows, and reviewing the National Weather Service’s explanation of lake effect snow, construct an engaging 3-paragraph initial post that addresses the following points:

· Paragraph 1: Explain the development of lake effect snow. In your explanation, include a discussion of the air mass modification that takes place as air moves across the lake, and the resulting progression of weather across the lake from the windward to leeward side. (graphics will add greatly to the discussion here)

· Paragraph 2:  Discuss the importance of both wind direction and lake temperature in determining the amount of snowfall produced. 

· Paragraph 3: You have THREE options for this paragraph: 1) research and discuss some of the potential safety hazards, damage to property, and disruption to human activity (including flight operations) caused by a significant lake effect snow event OR 2) research and summarize a noteworthy lake effect snow event in recent history OR 3) Relate a personal experience involving a lake effect snow event to the discussion in paragraphs 1 and 2.

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