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This forum is adapted from questions 2 and 3 on page 17 of Russell Willerton's Plain Language and Ethical Action: A Dialogic Approach Approach to Technical Content in the 21st Century (in UHD e-library) . Search online to investigate how people use plain language in a technical field that interests you. You may have to search around a little, but you will likely be surprised to discover how many guides for communicating in plain language are out there and in how many different agencies and corporations. Note: Some (non-federal) agencies or organization may not use the term "plain language" even though their writing guidelines reflect PL principles. 

Include the link and then discuss the site. What did you find?

Here are some questions to consider. How extensive is the guide - is it a webpage or a PDF of many pages? How is plain language explained? Does the site attempt to sell the idea of plain language? That is, is plain language treated just as a set of rules or is plain language presented as a set of principles and with justifications?  How updated is the information? What features are on the site (FAQs, comments, etc)? Is the site or document well designed? Does the site conflate "style guide" and "plain language?"


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