Discussion Board– Human Factors/Research

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1.Identify three (3) different experiences you have had with changes in lighting, such as entering a movie theater on a bright sunny day. For example:  During quarantine I would spend a lot of time at my boyfriends house, where his room was in the basement (with absolutely no windows, pitch black room). I would wake up and make my way upstairs for the day where I am greeted with double height windows where the sun is blasting through in the morning. Every single time, it makes it so hard to even open my eyes, and it takes so long for my eyes to adjust to the change.    

2.Incorporate in your comments information you have learned and captured from the videos below:

Review video – Structure of the Human Eye – Khan Academy


Review video – Rods and Cones – Khan Academy


Review video – US Department of Energy 101: Daylighting


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