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Discussion Board Question 4: Walter Cronkite, a nightly news anchor for decades, was named as the 'most trusted person in America' in an opinion poll several decades ago, over Supreme Court justices, politicians and even presidents. Now, according to many people, newscasters are the least trusted, routinely distorting reality about stolen elections to concocting wild conspiracy theories about 'ANTIFA actors dressing up as Trump supporters' storming the Capitol all in the name of higher ratings to make more in advertising revenue. Indeed, FOX News, for example, has had a considerable share of its audience siphoned off by Newsmax and OANN because it has refused to twist stories to the extent that the two new networks have and have lost extreme conservative viewers and many Donald Trump supporters because of it. In your opinion, should news outlets be forced to distort the truth or go down the rabbit-hole of James Bond villain-level conspiracy theories just to stay competitive? Be sure to use examples to support your key points.

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