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Topic: Ethical Application


First, choose an issue in applied ethics that greatly interests you.  It could be any topic covered in the assigned readings from  our Biblical Ethics textbook.

Second, based on the ethical theory you defended in DB 2, formulate  an ethical application on this specific issue in a 500-600 word thread.  You are expected to use both textbooks as well as outside academic  sources to support your analysis and argument. As you write your thread,  consider the following steps:

  1. If you are a Christian, formulate an application to this issue  based on a Christian ethical theory. If you are not a Christian, you may  formulate an application based on whatever ethical theory you think is  strongest.
  2. Briefly describe a strong counterargument to your own position and  respond to it. In the Capstone Essay, you will have more room to  elaborate. For now, keep it brief (no more than one paragraph).



Jones, Moral Reasoning (2017).

McQuilken & Copan, An Introduction to Biblical Ethics (2014).

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